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84 Entry Dec 1963


Terry Earl did a wing-walk in aid of the Cornwall Air Ambulance and the RAF Benevolent Fund. Wing walk See a larger photo

A Parrot flies across the Nullarbor Martin Hughes made an epic delivery flight across Australia in February 2019. Read the full story and see the photos

Pub Lunch 12 December 2018 Alex and Tim met up with Perv, who was on a flying visit to the UK. Photo

2013 Reunion We met up again at Cranwell for the OCA weekend of 13-14 July. Photos

2012 at The Angel, Grantham The pub lunch to celebrate the anniversary of our joining the Air Force is rapidly becoming a tradition. Six of us met up on 10 January 2012. Picture

2011 Reunion It's hard to believe, but on 10 January 2011 it was 50 years since we started at Cranwell. To celebrate we met up in London in May 2011. 22 of the surviving 33 original members of the Entry attended, along with 12 of their ladies. Details here.

The 2008 Mega-Reunion We met up at the OCA Reunion at Cranwell on 14th June 2008 to celebrate the 45th anniversary of 84 Entry's Graduation. We had a terrific time, and it was great to see the four Antipodeans (Steve (Digger), Martin (Jan), Ross, and Richard) who had made such a big effort to attend. See here for photos.Two new photos have been added.

The BBC Jersey website has a transcript of Sir John Cheshire's farewell speech to the States (parliament) of Jersey on Friday 7 April 2006, when he left the island after 5 years as Lieutenant Governor.

Group photos from the Archive:

Other Photos:
2008 Reunion at Cranwell Pictures of the 2008 Reunion
2003 Reunion at Cranwell Pictures of the 2003 Reunion
2001 Reunion at the RAF Club Picture of the Colour handover from A Sqn to B Sqn in 1962 (thanks to John Robinson).
1998 Reunion at Cranwell Pictures taken by Alex Galea of our 2001 Reunion at the RAF Club.
1988 Reunion at the RAF Club Colour photos taken by Mike Yule at the 2001 Reunion at the RAF Club.

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