84 Entry's 2003 Reunion

Graham & Clare's Party

The OCA Dinner

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of 84 Entry's graduation in 1963, 17 of us attended the Old Cranwellian Weekend on 14/15 June 2003.

The weekend started with a party at Graham (Kip) and Clare Herring's house in Newark. As last time, they had organised superb weather to go with the splendid food and drink. Several people brought their wives, which kept us all reasonably well-behaved. Dave Holliday and Adrian Weaver had travelled specially for the occasion from Lithuania and Germany respectively. It was particularly nice to see Tony Mahon, who hadn't been to one of our reunions before - I suppose we can excuse him for that as he had been living in Mauritius for several years. As usual, with a couple of drinks inside us, we all felt 18 again. Warm thanks to Graham and Clare for organising a relaxed evening which let us all catch up with each other's news before the slightly more formal event at Cranwell the next day.

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Terry, Tim, and Dave Paddy Kip John and Paddy Tony and Mike John and Terry Dave, Pat & Pam John & Pip Paddy, Mike & Kip Pat, Tim, Dave, & Tony Ed and John Dave Clare & Terry Tim & Sue Ed & Pat Pam, Dave, & Sue Tess & Tony Dave & Tim Mike & Terry Ed, Adrian, & Terry