40th Anniversary Reunion - 28 April 2001

Mike Yule's Colour Photos

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Since I hear that some people who weren't at the party had trouble putting names to all the faces, I've added captions to all the pictures.   Please let me know by email if you spot any errors.  

Tim Lodge, Kip Herring, Dave Cousins (31030 bytes) Bill Samuel, Pip Yule, Mike Yule (29458 bytes) Sam Cheshire, John Cheshire (32207 bytes) Paddy Hughes, Dave Holliday, John Ball (29268 bytes) John Cheshire, Tim Lodge, Daphne Maynard (28074 bytes) Ed Jarron, Dave Holliday (25231 bytes) Migle Holliday, Bill Samuel (22484 bytes) Dave Cousins, Pamela Craven, John Craven (27932 bytes) Angie Lodge, Tim Lodge, John Robinson (30561 bytes) Ann Wemyss, Chas Wemyss (21831 bytes) John Ball, Graham (Kip) Herring (31473 bytes) John Cheshire, John Craven, Pamela Craven (25506 bytes) Pip Yule, Clare Herring, Pat Stockley, Migle Holliday (25786 bytes) Terry Stockley, Ann Wemyss, Chas Wemyss, Ed Jarron, Sue Jarron (29023 bytes) Sam Cheshire, Daphne Maynard, Mike Yule, Terry Earl (31180 bytes) Terry Earl, Dave Cousins (32997 bytes) Ed Jarron, Pat Stockley, John Craven, Terry Stockley (28744 bytes) Ed Jarron, Mike Yule, Angie Lodge, Graham Maynard, Sam Cheshire (30933 bytes) Dave Cousins, Terry Earl (28782 bytes) Ann Wemyss, Bill Samuel, Migle Holliday, Pat Stockley (31216 bytes) Anthea Hughes, Pamela Craven, John Craven, Sue Jarron (30874 bytes) John Robinson, Paddy Hughes, Terry Stockley (33432 bytes) Chas Wemyss, Bill Samuel (27587 bytes) The whole gang (34075 bytes) Some more of the gang (30974 bytes) Chas Wemyss, Dave Cousins (26925 bytes) Tim Lodge, Ed Jarron, Bill Samuel, Dave Cousins (25093 bytes) Bill Samuel, John Craven, John Robinson, Ed Jarron (27031 bytes)